New Zealand

Bio: Testimonial by Richard Webster – International Author – sold more than eleven million copies around the world. I have followed Jenny’s career with great interest, and know many people who have benefited from her work. Her mentor Elma Farmer was a highly gifted medium who dedicated herself to nurturing and encouraging people who showed promise in the psychic world. Elma was aware of Jenny’s remarkable talents from the very start, and must be very pleased that Jenny has developed the international reputation she enjoys today. Jenny’s rise to her current position as one of the world’s leading mediums has not been easy. Like everyone in her field, she has experienced opposition and setbacks, and many lesser people would have given up. Fortunately, Jenny continued on her chosen path. We can all learn from her experience and insights. The countless letters she has received from others add further testimony to this. If you want to know more about the spirit world, Jenny is an excellent teacher. Like Facebook Page - Jenny Crawford Productions

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2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Deborah Dagger said:

    Jenny, I often think about you. I love to read about your encounters with Rob! You are one amazing woman!


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