A Letter to Heaven: Communicating with Loved Ones Passed
This article was written by Jenny Crawford – Author of Spirit of Love
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Published in The Llewellyn Journal
What if you sent a letter to heaven? Would you expect to get a response? If you have ever lost a dear family member, you may have prayed or talked to his or her soul but wondered whether your communications were received. The fact is, when any of our loved ones wish to communicate or make contact with us from the spirit world, they will always find a way.

A prayer of hope, a letter of love, and a lot of faith reinforced my own belief in the power of our loving mothers to touch us from the spirit world. “Mother’s Day” is a true-life story from Spirit of Love concerning an astounding orchestration of events that took place in the spirit world to make sure a mother’s communication would be received by her family. The day this story began, I was conducting a workshop in Southern California while my own mother’s funeral was being held in New Zealand. I fought back the tears as I began speaking to the group, knowing I was in the right place at the right time to pass on messages from the spirit world.

The Letter
Late in the afternoon, my dear friend Corinn handed me a tattered envelope, found the day before by her sons while exploring their mountain property in a remote desert area some distance from Los Angeles. As I opened the letter, its contents took me by surprise: loving messages spilled out from a family that had lost their mother. Daughters, sons-in-law, grandchildren—all poured forth from their hearts how much they missed and loved Luanne, the mother. It was dated Mother’s Day, with no year—yet this was October 1996. I felt deep within my heart the possibility of a beautiful sequence of events.

“What do you make of this, Jenny?” asked Corinn. She pointed out a return address scrawled faintly on the weather-beaten envelope, and a hole punched in its corner. Had the note been attached to a balloon? I wondered.

“Jenny, the letter is from Newport Beach, very near you in Laguna Beach,” Corinn pointed out. “Don’t you think this is all rather more than a mere coincidence?” She offered to write back to the family, and I suggested she enclose a copy of my book, Through the Eyes of Spirit, and invite them for a complimentary reading. Corinn did so the next day.

Days later, the phone rang, and I found myself speaking with Nancy, Luann’s daughter. She was overwhelmed with joy and emotion. Gratefully, tearfully, she explained the missing links in the story and accepted my invitation. It was a wondrous strand of events, set in motion by events on the earth plane but fulfilled and manifested only by help from the spirit realm.

It seemed that this letter had been sent on Mother’s Day, over five months previously, from Newport Beach, California, tied to several colored balloons. It had traveled over freeways, suburbs, and an entire mountain range—and had landed and survived intact on Corinn’s property in Pinon Hills, nearly one hundred miles away from its point of origin.

What are the chances of such an event? After all, when you write a letter to your mom who has recently passed over and send it up on several balloons, do you really expect to receive a letter in return, a medium’s book, and an invitation for a communication with the spirit world?

Especially when the medium has only just arrived in the country and traveled all the way from New Zealand!

Message From Beyond
Nancy and her family never dreamed they would receive back a sign from their precious mother. Later, after having the honor of reading for Nancy, she turned to me, asking, “Jenny, what was Mom’s real reason for getting in touch with us this way? Was she trying to tell us something else of great importance that we need to know?”

The answer was plain and simple: “Oh, my dear, your mother is telling you that she received your letter and to send her love back to you all. She wants you to know that she is now without pain and suffering and is at peace!”

We marveled at the magical ways our loved ones can find to make contact from the spirit world. We never know when that moment will arrive, or when one of our precious family members will leave the earth plane. Nancy and her entire family’s lives were changed the day they received their “letter back from heaven”—and with it the tangible proof of our eternal and divine connections with our loved ones.

“Mother’s Day” is just one of the many stories in Spirit of Love that will touch your heart, enhance your understanding of life after death, and inspire you with the power to move forward into spiritual pathways of fulfillment.




Opening the Third Eye

Clairvoyance operates through the chakra known as your third eye or psychic eye, situated between your eyebrows. We also call this the Christ Center or the seat of concentration. Your psychic eye, as it opens, enables you to see clairvoyantly.

Exercises to Open Your Psychic Eye

Before beginning any of the following exercises, sit quietly in meditation, take a few deep breaths, and set up your grounding and protection visualizations.

Window Cleaning Visualize your third eye in the center of the forehead, as if it needs to be cleaned like a window. Imagine that it is getting a good cleaning. While it may seem dark, cloudy, or dusty at first, imagine that both you and your guides or Higher Self are polishing the window pane from both sides, until it becomes sparkling, crystal clear. Imagine that this holy window shines protectively and radiantly throughout all dimensions with the pure light of heaven and divine wisdom.

Projection Screen Visualize a projection screen at the third eye, as you direct your inner gaze in that direction. Wait for images projected from spirit and seen by you.

Butterfly or Portal Visualize a butterfly opening its wings at your psychic eye, or a beautiful flower, or a diamond-shaped portal opening up.

Crystals or Oils Place a crystal of their choice upon your third eye, or a tiny drop of essential oil. Suggested oils include rosewood, pine, ginger, clove, true melissa, clary sage, lavender, frankincense, sandalwood, or cedarwood; apply a tiny drop with the end of a toothpick (be very careful when using essential oils near the eyes). Hindus traditionally place a bindi dot or a spot of vibuthi (sacred ash) or kumkum (vermilion powder) on their third eye; this symbolizes the opening of spiritual vision. You might try a quartz crystal on the third eye area, especially when you are feeling well and balanced; quartz crystal is a natural amplifier of whatever energy pattern is present. Pre-assess the condition of your mental and emotional energy, to avoid amplifying negativity.

These or similar visualizations or techniques, will communicate to your Higher Self that you desire your psychic eye to be opened and to work as clearly as possible. Try focusing at the psychic eye and using one of the exercises while sitting in meditation or seeking to receive a clairvoyant impression. If you meditate regularly, you may start to feel a strong vibration develop in the third eye area if you meditate as a regular practice; this is a sign of the spiritual eye opening. Strong messages, that is, very clear and accurate images, may start to flow forth once your psychic eye opens.



 Seeing a Loved One in Spirit

If you would like to make contact with a loved one or pet in the spirit world, we suggest the following procedure.

First, sit quietly and say a prayer. Play some soft background music that may have been meaningful to a loved one in spirit, and then start to meditate. With your eyes closed, say the name or names of the people you wish to see and communicate with. Invite them to come in closely to you. Tell them that you would love either to receive them in your meditation or in the dream state. Make it quite clear in your mind that they must try and give you proof that it is truly them visiting you. Just as there are impersonators here on earth, so do mischief-makers also reside in the spirit world. Continue to do your prayer work as you further your communication with the spirit world, to raise the vibrations around you. As you begin to notice the energy change within the room, we advise you to continue praying and playing uplifting music. Tell your loved one that you are not afraid, and that you would be happy to see a clairvoyant vision of them. Remember, it is the love vibration—your connection with them—that enables them to draw near to you and bring about this experience. Visualize them as they looked while in the living, and picture them in your mind, just as if you were looking at a color photograph. We cannot emphasize enough the importance of prayers of protection, especially before you go off into the sleep state, and likewise when you awaken. Your protection work places a safety net around yourself and your loved ones.

Now as you start to see your loved one in your mind’s eye, visualize draping one of the rainbow colors around them, and choose one for yourself. See the color as a soft cloak draped around you. Reach out your hand to your loved one and feel his or her warm hand clasping yours. As you gently pull your loved one’s hand toward your body, feel your loved one moving toward you and now embracing you with an overwhelming love.

Start to feel their closeness and even the warmth of their breath near you, and know that you are truly making a connection. As you continue to concentrate on the inner photographic image of your loved one, you may sense the photo becoming animated, with the spirit moving around. Keep practicing this exercise for the best results. Try it during your waking hours and as you drift off to sleep. Invite your loved one to come and visit you while you are in the alpha state of consciousness.





Using a Psychic On-and-Off Switch

This simple exercise assists you in taking control of your psychic visions, helping you to screen out unwanted impressions from others and elevating your energy levels at the same time. This visualization is appropriate to use when beginning to meditate or when working with your development group. Jenny employs this visualization before working with clients. At the end of a development or spiritual group meeting or session, prior to going out and circulating in public areas, assist the closing of the crown chakra by visualizing the closing of the flower.

Think of a flower, and its color, the first flower that comes into your mind. We often visualize a lotus flower, or any similar flower that is tightly furled with petals shut. To open and close your flower, say a prayer and visualize your flower sitting just above your crown chakra area, in the mid-section at the top of your head. You may also visualize a flower at the center of your forehead, and/or at the solar plexus. When you wish to open your flower or flowers, imagine that you and the flower(s) are being bathed in the first light of dawn on a still calm morning. Visualize a golden light shining upon your flower(s), and see tiny cleansing dew drops sitting on each petal. Now concentrate on your flower(s), and gently allow each petal to open.

You are now open to receiving guidance from those in spirit.

When closing your flower(s), say a prayer and visualize the petals slowly folding inward, overlapping tightly into a bud.  In the bright sunshine of your mind, let any darkness around your crown chakra, third eye, or solar plexus area be dispersed by the brilliant light of the sun, and imagine that as each flower closes it has been sprinkled either with gold or silver dust, which will promote feelings of inner peace and a happy heart. Mentally affirm that you are protected throughout the day, and that you attract only healthy and healing thoughts into your auric field.





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Exercising the Subtle Energy System
When initiating the opening of your subtle senses, it is helpful to learn at least a basic level of information about chakras, such as the crown and “third eye” chakras. Chakras are a function of the subtle energy systems. Of equal importance is setting up spiritual protection. We can discuss chakras and auras and protection in future Blogs. Some people walk around with their chakras, or sensing equipment, partially open. By doing so, they pick up willy-nilly on other people’s mental and emotional patterns and emanations. These vibrations may include thought patterns picked up through your chakras or adhering to your aura that are strong or vehement, raging or dull, filled with monkey-mind chatter or clouded with anger. You may inadvertently and out-of-the-blue pick up images or scenes around another person. You may also pick up on grief, guilt, fear, heavy judgments, negativity, desires, or addictions—as these vibrations enter your sensing field. It’s enough to give you psychic overload if not a headache.
Jenny often hears a psychic person’s mind going chitchat, chitchat. We recommend that you supervise the chitchat in your mind. Some people have difficulty turning their psychic switches on and off, and find it difficult to attain a restful sleep at night. Just as our home, work space, or computers get cluttered, so do our minds. Therefore it is important to do some housekeeping in our minds and clear away any unwanted thoughts or harbored anger, so that there is space for our psychic thoughts to flow positively and freely, when we choose to tune in to them. Keeping harmony, balance, and control is very important; uncontrolled psychic activity can drive some sensitives to distraction, if not to drink. Most psychics desire to lead a normal life, without spirit bombarding them with messages all the time. Unless you are about to do specific psychic work, switch off from the spirit world, so that messages from spirits don’t intrude in your everyday life and deplete your energy. Watch for the next blog as I will give you an exercise for helping you to switch psychic activity on or off and also a grounding exercise to try.



 Develop Spiritual Balance

As many people enjoy a daily cup of coffee, linking into the spirit world brings you a cup of soul-food on a regular basis.

We recommend developing your psychic and spiritual knowledge simultaneously. Focusing only on psychic abilities will not provide you with the same level of control or understanding of the information you receive, as you will gain from prayer, meditation, and contact with your spirit guides. Information from your true spirit guides or Higher Self will have only your highest good in mind. In other words, learning to develop your psyche and open your third eye can be an extremely powerful experience, but without control, this power can leave you open to unwanted influences or experiences. In many instances, psychic messages need interpreting by the person receiving them, and most symbols can be interpreted in more than one way. Such interpretation must be based upon personal experience, wisdom, and guidance, which highlights the importance of each of us pursuing spirituality, balance, and harmony in our lives.

Spirituality, in essence universal and unconditional love, must become an integral part of our everyday life. Just as God loves each of us unconditionally, we believe that we are meant to pass on this unconditional love to others. Love itself elevates the vibrational level, illumines our spiritual pathway, and develops a strong light and protection around us.







            Following Your Prompts

Sometimes we pick up an impression about people we know or are close to, as if they have a need. This does not always mean they are in a crisis; the person may just feel stressed or unwell, as when coming down with a cold or virus. You might pick up these feelings a few days prior to the person becoming unwell; your guides might be giving you a message to be as supportive as you can. A good rule of thumb is that whenever you have spontaneous thoughts about another person, it is a good time to send healing prayers for that person. Prayers can never hurt, and loving thoughts always help!

Experience has led us to believe in the value of following through when you do get strong gut feelings or urges, such as phoning or making contact with friends or family. At times people have a sudden, strong thought of a person but never follow through, and in some instances, they live to regret not listening to their intuitive thoughts. Over time, the validity of such feelings can prove themselves to you, as you keep track of such instances informally.



Are Woman More Intuitive Than Men?

Spirit of Love More Common Than You Think

In today’s society, a notion has become popular that “women are more comfortable than men in displaying their emotions, and are known for their intuitive powers because they are more in touch with their feelings,” and that “men are more analytical in nature.” We believe, however, that this has more to do with social influences than with gender. Despite such sweeping generalizations, we believe that all humans have intuitive abilities built-in as “standard operating equipment.” Though the intuitive equipment may be unused from inexperience or rusty from neglect, it can be brought into healthy functioning through intention and effort. We can cite many common examples of the intuition at work that are universal in nature. No doubt you have heard of successful businesspeople being described as having “a good business head” or “a sharp business sense.” On closer inspection, this may be revealed to be an aspect of their subtle sensing or intuition operating in full force. Likewise, we have met individuals who declared that the minute they set eyes on a certain person, they instinctively knew that this was the person they were going to marry. People often gauge another person’s personality and form an opinion about them in around two seconds. Some people know immediately what the other person is like, simply by the glance of an eye, a handshake, or standing in close proximity to the person. An especially strong familiarity may be due to the reemerging of a connection from a past incarnation. Some people receive spontaneous glimpses of past life experiences soon after meeting up with someone that they have such a soul link with. Here is another very common example. Perhaps you have picked up the telephone to call someone, and the other person is on the other end, without either phone having rung. Or you were thinking about someone, and a few minutes later the person calls you. Or you feel a strong prompt to phone someone, only to find out that they have some important news to share with you. Or perhaps you have e-mailed a person, and they have just finished pushing the send button to you at exactly the same time. Don’t you just love it when that happens! These are all signs of your subtle senses. Jenny had a friend whom she hadn’t seen for years. The friend couldn’t decide whether to keep a clock on her office wall that Jenny had given her some twenty years prior. Just as the friend was about to remove the clock from her wall, Jenny felt a strong urge to fax her. The outcome is that the clock still hangs on the wall, if only as a symbol of their strong connection, which still continues. If you have pets, perhaps you have discovered that calling them in your mind, or sending out a mental image of them coming to their feeding area, can produce just that result. Within a few minutes, they come wandering into the room, just as if you had called them out loud. Have you ever had a feeling come to you a few days in advance of an occurrence? Perhaps you have a fleeting thought that you ought to put your car keys in a safe place, and sure enough, soon thereafter you are in a hurry and end up misplacing your keys. Or you may have an uncomfortable feeling about driving your car or taking a plane trip on a particular day, so you proceed with caution and possibly even avoid traveling that day. Listen to all avenues of information that are available to you as you navigate your way in life. Use your logic and intelligence, your experiences and those of friends, your conscience and moral sense, your spiritual knowledge, and also your intuition and guidance. Have confidence that your Higher Self will show you the way using all these avenues, and remember that listening to your inner guidance is a personal choice. All our choices remain based in free-will, for our spirit guides do not seek to coerce us.


Discovering your Psychic Strengths


Discovering Your Psychic Strengths

Intuitive gifts occur in all these ways and more. Some people, when beginning to meditate, will spontaneously see images internally, or in their mind. Others may “see” nothing, but may be able to hear the voice of spirit on the inner level. Someone else may have a special gift of healing hands. These are clues to one’s natural strengths—and we can all, over time, develop our latent abilities to see clairvoyantly, hear clairaudiently, feel clairsentiently, and become channels of healing through the allowing of spiritual awareness to envelope us, condition us, and develop us. Through practice, each intuitive skill can be nurtured, especially those that are our natural strengths.

Just as most people have dominant strengths in the way they learn or acquire new subjects or information, most people also have natural strengths in their intuitive senses. By dominant learning style we are referring to the well-known fact that some people are visual learners, while others have auditory learning styles, wherein it helps them to hear or speak out loud what they are studying. Still others learn best through incorporating physical or kinesthetic activities into the subject at hand. Other examples learning strengths or “natural inner languages” include spatial sensing, musical or rhythmic sensing, logical sensing, strength in social interactions, or a preference of solitary, inner reflection while learning. Intuition and inspiration are often partners, and people who are engaged in creative or so called “right-brained” work such as visual arts, writing, and music may unknowingly already possess some degree of natural preparation for psychic development.

The truth is that most people learn through a combination of natural strengths, and the same applies to your “sixth senses.” As you go within, you will gain exposure to a variety of psychic avenues. You will begin to notice which strengths come forward first. It may be that spirit will attune you first in one form of psychic sensing, and then help you branch out as time goes on and you continue your practice. Developing one gift often pulls other abilities along simultaneously. And remember ~ ‘The Lotus flower blooms most beautifully from the deepest and thickest mud!  Keep watching this space ~ to be continued………..Image


Communicating with your Higher Self


Communicating with the Higher Self

A significant step in the process of developing the psychic senses is to become aware of your Higher Self and your spirit guides. Some people feel that the Higher Self communicates to us through the voice of the conscience or the voice of the Holy Spirit—the “still, small voice” within. It is necessary to become quiet and go within to gain the ability to hear the inner voice. This is one of the purposes and benefits of meditation which we will address later on.

Our Higher Self has a greater vantage point than our severely limited physical portion. Some people feel that all psychic information comes from our Higher Self or God Self, while others have definite awareness of spirit guides, such as our loved ones in spirit or those angels or beings who are assigned to work with us and help us. Not only do we have some spirit guides assigned to us, but also we can invite and develop additional spiritual relationships. Certainly, when you are a devoted follower of an avatar, or human embodiment or messenger of God such as Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed, and so on, you are surrendered to their Holy Guidance, which comes to you spiritually and by many signs and means. We will also discuss Spirit guides in greater depth in future blogs.