Committing to the Spiritual Path

When you open up your heart and mind to develop your intuitive gifts and your spiritual awareness, you make an enormous commitment. As mentioned before, your Higher Self and those in spirit who are connected to you and who guide you and walk along with you take note of your sincere inner commitment, even though you might not realize their presence yet. They will work to bring you the opportunities and situations that will assist you in your growth, with perfect timing, which is enhanced by your trust in divine timing. Once you make this commitment and your intention stems directly from the heart, you most certainly set in motion a chain of events that leads to the unfoldment of your heart’s desire. Once a person makes a conscious decision to step onto the psychic highway of light, he or she usually steps onto it for life.

The path of spirituality can bring enormous enrichment to life, for as you progress along the spiritual path, you will come into contact with many light workers. This takes place through inner work as you naturally begin to attract and connect with those of a similar vibration who will certainly inspire you and strengthen your commitment. This is such a blessing, for light workers are the world’s kind and caring souls, who do spiritual work on a daily basis, sometimes even subconsciously. Light workers have an automatic impulse to reach out and touch others’ lives helpfully, especially those who appear less fortunate. We also use the name “earth angel” for those who bring joy and peace into people’s lives, and you will notice that they seem in general to look happy. In arduous times, most of us have been given the gift of one or more earth angels, either as friends or family members, who have provided us with wonderful help.

The spiritual highway is exciting, and as we progress, we stand to receive many insights and reassurances that illuminate our life path ahead and bless us with confidence. The growth of wisdom is spiritual wealth, and on the spiritual road we are enriched through others who are on a similar path, and we benefit from their individual talents. Working with others who have psychic strengths in areas other than our own, we get the opportunity to develop those strengths in ourselves. Also, during times of trauma or grief, the value of our circle of spiritual friends and regular practice cannot be overstated.

It is thrilling to anticipate the spiritual pathway as a life-changing experience, and that it will truly be a positive, light-filled journey. We frequently bask with gratitude in the wondrous realization of what the spirit world has bought into our lives. Through years of work, travel, and meeting so many wonderful souls, our journey has continuously blessed us with abundant friendships. What could be more satisfying than having such a loving group of family and friends to share life with?

So if you have not done so already, we invite you now to step onto the path of self-development—onto the psychic highway—and make a commitment to developing your intuitive gifts in whatever way possible, and dedicate your use of these gifts to the highest good of all.

Seven Principles of Spiritualism

1) The Fatherhood of God

2) The Brotherhood of Man

3) The continuous existence of the soul

4) Proofs of the communion of spirits and the ministry of angels

5) Personal responsibility

6) Compensation and retribution hereafter for all
good and evil deeds done on earth

7) Eternal progress open to every human soul

—Emma Hardinge Britten, pioneer of modern spiritualism (1823-1899)












Development can be a very gradual process, or sometimes it can blossom in rapid strides. There is no quick formula to speed up your level of development. It all takes time—and regular meditation and prayer work is a formula for progress on all fronts.

Sometimes psychic gifts open up unexpectedly. This may occur as a result of a near-death experience or a sudden opening after much disciplined work. Seemingly spontaneous experiences can transform people’s lives in an instant. Some people discover their psychic gifts when they retire from other employment—especially when they were accustomed to a high degree of mental concentration in their career—or following a period of trauma in their lives. There may be certain ages during life’s journey—such as after age 40, 50, or 60—wherein psychic abilities tend to open up; that possibility would make a good research study.

We have noticed that there seem to be two categories of students in spiritual development, those who leapfrog ahead and those who are slow and steady. In all the classes we have taught, we have found that people are rarely in between. Those who leap ahead like frogs, however, run the risk of becoming stalled and frustrated because their development is too fast, and lacking in control. As in most arenas, even those with natural talent must develop their gifts steadily over much time and many experiences, in order to bring wisdom in the use of those talents.

Psychic development also involves becoming accustomed gradually to being a conduit for energies of faster or heightened vibratory rates. The development of the character and an understanding of the high road or virtuous path is similar, and likewise takes time and many experiences. Years of steady dedicated practice will refine the nervous system for this work.

The “slow-and-steadies,” learning progressively in a disciplined way, reminds us of the fabled race between the hare and the tortoise. Do you remember who crossed the finish line first? The message for both types of student is to continue practicing, to work with an experienced teacher and group if possible, and to focus on becoming comfortable and confident, which will enable your development, through practice, to reach the level of second nature.

We always advocate to our students that we remember the three P’s when stepping onto the psychic highway—protection, patience, and practice. Take your time. Growth comes in spurts, and when you feel you are not progressing or feel blocked, we suggest you take these times as rest periods, and forge ahead when renewed energy carries you in that direction.

Where we have blockages to peace that we have hidden from ourselves, traveling the spiritual path tends to bring these hidden blocks up to the surface, and also to hasten the results of our karmas or actions. In this way, setting out on the spiritual path may even seem at first to bring forth upsets more rapidly. This sounds like “good news/bad news,” but if we can learn to view this speeding up of karmic events as opportunities to practice equanimity, to clear and cleanse away things that block our ability to perceive truth, and to prove our dedication to the spiritual journey, we will be that much closer to our goal.

Sometimes the road of development in the invisible realms leads us to taking better care of our physical body. The body is a temple with an inner altar of faith in God. It is a valuable instrument, our means of expressing divine mental and emotional gifts through physical service in the world. Resolve at the outset to maintain the physical body through a cleaned-up diet, regular exercise, adequate rest, and a simple lifestyle. Consider exercise disciplines such as yoga or tai chi, which not only provide good exercise but help harmonize on many levels—mind, emotions, physical systems, subtle energy fields, intuition, and heightened awareness.



Where does psychic development lead?

Like any field of endeavor, the art of tuning in comes through years of practice, for which there is no substitute. Psychic development, as discussed previously, is reciprocal with expanded spiritual awareness, which is all about learning to walk the walk, not just talk the talk, and about walking a good and loving pathway in life. Acceptance and gratitude are the cornerstones on the pathway to peace and love, and the magnitude of love is such that the more you give away, the more you end up having. After all, love is the fundamental spiritual principle and the key to higher consciousness and connection with all.

If you do not have an inherited gift, through practice it may be possible to develop mediumistic abilities, which is sensitivity to contact from the spirit world. One may develop clairvoyance and clairaudience, or discover a talent at intuitive communication through handling or focusing on objects such as cards or tea leaves. As you progress, you may feel more and more humble as you realize the many levels of understanding that lie before you. Ideally, the result of expanded awareness will be an increased humility rather than a puffed-up head.

Being humble helps you to step into the cloak of self-awareness and acceptance.

Oprah Winfrey sums it up when she says, “Only when you have self-awareness can you achieve self-acceptance. Only when you accept yourself can you experience self-love. When you are capable of self-love, you learn to love.”

A daily affirmation for acceptance, especially during times of change, is:

I accept and affirm that my life is in divine order and harmony.




Maintaining a High Vibrational Level

We tell our students that we need to continually connect with our God-consciousness, and that this is not a religious sermon, but rather an essential means of raising our vibrational levels. Bear in mind that you do not have to go physically to a place of worship to pray. Your “church” can be based in your heart.

The heart is a key aspect of spiritual work. The heart is the seat of love and a major channel for life force. We must develop the heart’s ability to express loving kindness and respect. Listening to the heart is a foundational step in trusting our inner guidance or intuition. We meet many people who have unhappy hearts and great dissatisfaction with their lives. One of the purposes of following a spiritual pathway is to bring forth a loving and peaceful heart that overflows continually with an abundance of love and compassion to share with others.

We share our mental and emotional content anyway. Because we move through each other’s energy fields, which emanate our mental and emotional states, we constantly influence each another on a vibrational level. This underscores the importance of “keeping good company” and keeping our hearts strongly established in the vibration of love and light. God is love and love is God, and all our energies and thoughts are collectively shared. The God-consciousness is within all, so we can recognize that our thoughts and feelings have either a positive or adverse affect, contributing toward an angry universe, filled with thoughts of separation, or a more peaceful, unified, and loving planet. As you develop your awareness that we are all part of this collective consciousness, it will raise the level of your vibration.

If your life conditions are not conducive to promoting a peaceful heart, we invite you to work spiritually to change them. Simply asking in heartfelt prayer to be shown the way is a wonderful start. Spirit is ever ready and willing to help and respond to our call, but will never interfere or impose upon our free will, so do not hesitate to ask.

Follow your heart, proceed with confidence, and listen to the song of your soul.

As you raise your vibration, you will be rewarded with a stronger connection with your Higher Self. The Higher Self can also be called the pure part of the soul. Once you start to connect with your Higher Self, then your spirit guides will take a more active part in working with your conscious mind, allowing more and more messages of wisdom to flow forth and spur your spiritual progress.

When your Higher Self and/or spirit guides feel the time is right, they will enhance all your senses to enable you to begin experiencing the presence and insight of spirit around you. Your spirit guides will work with you at a loving pace that they feel is comfortable for you. They will certainly assist you in helping to raise your vibrational level. However, if at any time you feel the pace is too fast, then speak to your guides in your mind and ask them to slow down the messages or lessons you are receiving.




Refining the Mind The lower mind, however, can be refined through developing the higher mind or intellect. Intellect in this sense is the ability to discriminate right from wrong, truth from untruth, and the real from the unreal. In other words, this is the mind level of spiritual knowledge and higher consciousness, associated with spiritual light or “enlightenment.” Contact with spiritual light, through contemplation and meditation, is the force that brings about the refinement of the lower mind. Progress upon this level depends upon experiences and discipline developed over years and even lifetimes. One or more advanced teachers or guides are needed along the way, some in the physical and others in spirit, who are provided to us at the appropriate times. Whether we are aware of them or not, we in fact have spirit guides with us at all times. Finally, the most subtle housing of the soul has to do with the expression of peace or bliss, closest to the state of absolute divinity, yet still distinct from divinity itself. We are divine at our very core. Our ultimate goal is for ourselves and all humanity to realize this. Therefore to set out on the highway of psychic development refers to learning to perceive and capture information and guidance through heightened states of sensitivity and awareness. At the same time, we journey on this road to develop spiritual awareness, wisdom, intellect, and conscience, as opposed to merely pursuing book-knowledge, facts, parlor games, or dramatic effects. Learning about spirituality is learning about one’s Higher Self, eliminating negative traits, and directing the mind toward cosmic truth. One of the toughest truths to realize is that any faults we see in others belong actually to our frequency and are projected outward by our lower mind. Life is a mirror image. What we see is ourselves, and what we put out returns to us magnified from the mirror of life. In other words, try not to look for others’ falling short of perfection; start within yourself and erase the tendency to entertain faults of any kind in the mind. Look with the eyes of the divine and train yourself to see only good, only God. Look beyond appearances to the perfection of God and the truth. Be determined to look for goodness and God-consciousness within all whom you meet. We mention all these matters here as a backdrop to keep in mind throughout all our psychic development work.


As we develop our psychic side, we must have the background and resolve to use our abilities only for purposes that are good and helpful, and never to use them for harmful means or ends. We also commit to continually refining our character as we progress, for without virtuous character, knowledge cannot be put to the right use, and out of ignorance or intention, can end up causing harm rather than benefit—whether to oneself or others. Spiritual development and character development are the same thing for all practical purposes.

The mystics of all the great spiritual traditions emphasize prayer and meditation as a means of communion with the Divine and as the way to reach higher states of consciousness. These are the tried and true methods of helping ourselves to develop spiritually. We are told to listen for the still, small voice, and that the Holy Spirit will guide us. Developing the ability to hear that still small voice reciprocates with the development of our psychic awareness, as we learn to understand the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Spiritual practices develop the same skills and subtle senses that people think of as “psychic.”

We can become aware of much more than this third-dimensional, physically-visible world, if we but apply ourselves to uncover awareness of our subtle senses. We say uncover, because we believe that psychic abilities are natural and latent in us all, and that development work helps to bring these natural abilities forward. Over time, it is possible even for those who feel they have no experience, or very little talent or knowledge in these matters, to develop their intuitive sides.

You House the Spark of Divinity

People sometimes do not realize their close association with God in reality. In essence, we are spirit—a spark of God—housed in several vibratory layers that are increasingly dense, eventually outpicturing as a physical, seemingly solid form. The densest husk is our physical body, made up of the elements in food that we eat and the air that we breathe. The next layer is the life force, the thing that makes the physical elements alive; the life force is also known as prana or chi and is closely associated with the breath.

The next more subtle housing of the soul is the lower mind, which is unruly, changeable, and habitually runs along many diverse unsteady paths, such as dreams, ideas, and beliefs. This level of mind is subject to being led outward through the influence of the senses. Ordinary levels of consciousness involve the lower mind, such as sensing with the five senses, and processing information. Book-learning or academic studies take place in the lower mind, and mind-content is influenced heavily by habits and tendencies, whether for good or for ill.




People vary widely in their metaphysical gifts and abilities. Maybe you were born vividly psychic. Or perhaps you have occasional premonitions or lucky guesses. Maybe you have received flashes of inspiration for writing, poetry, music, artwork, inventions, or innovations in your career. Likewise, people’s motivations for developing their psychic side range from mild fascination to a driving interest. Those who were born with the gift of clairvoyance or mediumship often grow up to feel an obligation as well as an interest to develop further and to use these gifts in service to others. Such gifts may run in the family or may have manifested as a result of much practice during previous lives.

There are other reasons to pursue metaphysical development, too. Everyone wants to find guidance in life, and tools for navigating life’s challenges. When we are faced with numerous troubles, sometimes what we call “life” seems like a long rough ride on a bumpy highway, with frequent blind curves. Trying to make sense of things, we seek for answers to the age-old questions: Who am I? What is my purpose? How can I use my time on earth to the best purposes? Many people come to a point in life where they look for spiritual answers.

Most people are seeking ways to find greater peace of mind. Jesus and other spiritual masters emphasize seeking God first, and that all else will be added unto us thereby. Is this not a direct instruction to develop ourselves spiritually?


Psychic Development and Spirituality

You may be thinking, what does spiritual development have to do with psychic awareness? Both, of course, have to do with metaphysics—the understanding of realms that are in general “invisible” from the physical standpoint, and beyond the scope of the five physical senses. The fact is, spiritual development often leads spontaneously to the development of intuitive abilities, and vice versa. Even more important from a spiritual standpoint, the wise use of psychic gifts and skills must be governed by a clean heart that chooses the path of light.

Join me again as we continue the conversation of Self-Development.


Join me on this exciting journey

I would like to introduce myself.  My name is Jenny Crawford and I describe myself as a “middle woman” between those in the spirit world and those still living on earth. As a clairvoyant and spiritual medium/author I am dedicated to educating people about death not being the end of our existence which is based on my many personal and heartwarming life experiences.

For over forty years I have been working as a clairvoyant medium offering private readings to thousands of clients worldwide.  I conduct private tuition, spiritual development workshops, and lectures to sell out audiences at special Forums and Clairvoyant Demonstrations.  My hometown is Tauranga, New Zealand.  I have had the privilege of working in-front of large audiences giving clairvoyant demonstrations and bringing through messages from loved ones in the spirit world.

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