Visitations in the Dream State:


I dedicate this short story to all those parents who have lost their beloved children.  Although a great part of your emotional heart has also left this earth-plane with the tragic loss of your child.  I do believe that each child who crosses over is either met by a loved one or assigned a Guardian Angel to look after them in Heaven!

When a parent looses a child they often seek council in many different arenas. Some seek out spiritual counseling of a different nature.  The parent is often anxious to gain some information that will give them solace in knowing that their child is at rest, safe and well again.  I have been privileged to share many true life stories in my second book ‘Spirit of Love’ concerning children who have passed over into the spirit world. After the loss of a child many parents seek out the assistance of a clairvoyant to connect with their child in the spirit world.  Let me explain a little about clairvoyance and also clairaudience.

The subtle sense of seeing is called clairvoyance. Clairvoyance literally means “clear seeing” and refers to having keen insight and the ability to perceive things that are somewhat physically removed in distance or time, or seeing mentally what is happening or existing out of the range of physical sight. The subtle sense of hearing is called clairaudience. Clairaudience means “clear hearing,” such as hearing the voice of someone in the spirit world, or the inner voice of spiritual guidance. Clairaudience may not always be perceived as “clear” hearing, because such voices may come across at first in a muffled or distant tone, perceived more as an impression than as a concrete auditory impression. The fine tuning of clairaudience comes with time and practice.

Sometimes auditory impressions or voices from spirits come through to a person during the alpha dream state. Have you ever been awakened from a deep sleep by the voice of a spirit, the calling out of a name, or the sound of a door bell or telephone ringing, or a sharp, lifelike sound of knocking on a door? Such sounds may simply be a prompt from spirit that it is time to get up and get going. They might also be a prod to pay attention as you go about your activities that day. When this occurs, we recommend lying quietly and asking who wishes to communicate.

This happened to me recently whilst in the dream-state when I heard the voice of a young boy who appeared to be lost.

There are occasions when a person passes over that they need a little help or direction to get to the other side and go into the light.  A Medium’s energy can often be used in the sleep-state to facilitate healing and to help rescue and re-direct a soul that may be lost.

During my dream state on this particular night I was taken through the veil (the curtain between our world and the spirit world) and visited by the most gorgeous young boy who appeared to be about three years of age.  He had a good crop of blond hair and vivid blue eyes.  He ran toward me and I felt his back as he leant against me and I placed both my arms around him and felt the most incredible love coming forth. Although I did not know this young toddler, my heart felt as though I knew him as I recognized the love that he was emanating. And I felt very protective of him. This type of love is infinite and I call this ‘Divine Love.’

He asked me to find his mother as we stood in a long room with lots of people on the side-lines. The people on the sidelines were the spirits of  those who had already crossed over, or as some say passed on.  I asked the little boy to hold my hand and then I picked him up as we walked through the crowd of people looking for his mom.  After a while, I told the little boy that his mother was not here, and not to worry as I saw an older woman standing at the end of the long room who had her arms outstretched as if to receive him. I carried him to the older woman who seemed to radiate a strong light.  As we approached her, she gave out such a warm and comforting smile and I asked her if she would take the little boy and she told me that she would look after him.

I explained to him that I could not go any further with him and I knew that he felt safe to transfer into the older woman’s arms.

I believe my dear friends, that this little boy had crossed over to the spirit world and very recently.  He appeared to be lost and my spirit guides had intervened and allowed me the honor of assisting the young boy to where he needed to go in the spirit world.  Even though the woman that received the young boy in the spirit world was not his real mother, she was going to be a spiritual mother figure to him. He felt her love and knew that she would care for him. I found this experience very touching and heartwarming to once again be reassured that our children are always met and looked after in the spirit world.

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