Maintaining a High Vibrational Level

We tell our students that we need to continually connect with our God-consciousness, and that this is not a religious sermon, but rather an essential means of raising our vibrational levels. Bear in mind that you do not have to go physically to a place of worship to pray. Your “church” can be based in your heart.

The heart is a key aspect of spiritual work. The heart is the seat of love and a major channel for life force. We must develop the heart’s ability to express loving kindness and respect. Listening to the heart is a foundational step in trusting our inner guidance or intuition. We meet many people who have unhappy hearts and great dissatisfaction with their lives. One of the purposes of following a spiritual pathway is to bring forth a loving and peaceful heart that overflows continually with an abundance of love and compassion to share with others.

We share our mental and emotional content anyway. Because we move through each other’s energy fields, which emanate our mental and emotional states, we constantly influence each another on a vibrational level. This underscores the importance of “keeping good company” and keeping our hearts strongly established in the vibration of love and light. God is love and love is God, and all our energies and thoughts are collectively shared. The God-consciousness is within all, so we can recognize that our thoughts and feelings have either a positive or adverse affect, contributing toward an angry universe, filled with thoughts of separation, or a more peaceful, unified, and loving planet. As you develop your awareness that we are all part of this collective consciousness, it will raise the level of your vibration.

If your life conditions are not conducive to promoting a peaceful heart, we invite you to work spiritually to change them. Simply asking in heartfelt prayer to be shown the way is a wonderful start. Spirit is ever ready and willing to help and respond to our call, but will never interfere or impose upon our free will, so do not hesitate to ask.

Follow your heart, proceed with confidence, and listen to the song of your soul.

As you raise your vibration, you will be rewarded with a stronger connection with your Higher Self. The Higher Self can also be called the pure part of the soul. Once you start to connect with your Higher Self, then your spirit guides will take a more active part in working with your conscious mind, allowing more and more messages of wisdom to flow forth and spur your spiritual progress.

When your Higher Self and/or spirit guides feel the time is right, they will enhance all your senses to enable you to begin experiencing the presence and insight of spirit around you. Your spirit guides will work with you at a loving pace that they feel is comfortable for you. They will certainly assist you in helping to raise your vibrational level. However, if at any time you feel the pace is too fast, then speak to your guides in your mind and ask them to slow down the messages or lessons you are receiving.