Refining the Mind The lower mind, however, can be refined through developing the higher mind or intellect. Intellect in this sense is the ability to discriminate right from wrong, truth from untruth, and the real from the unreal. In other words, this is the mind level of spiritual knowledge and higher consciousness, associated with spiritual light or “enlightenment.” Contact with spiritual light, through contemplation and meditation, is the force that brings about the refinement of the lower mind. Progress upon this level depends upon experiences and discipline developed over years and even lifetimes. One or more advanced teachers or guides are needed along the way, some in the physical and others in spirit, who are provided to us at the appropriate times. Whether we are aware of them or not, we in fact have spirit guides with us at all times. Finally, the most subtle housing of the soul has to do with the expression of peace or bliss, closest to the state of absolute divinity, yet still distinct from divinity itself. We are divine at our very core. Our ultimate goal is for ourselves and all humanity to realize this. Therefore to set out on the highway of psychic development refers to learning to perceive and capture information and guidance through heightened states of sensitivity and awareness. At the same time, we journey on this road to develop spiritual awareness, wisdom, intellect, and conscience, as opposed to merely pursuing book-knowledge, facts, parlor games, or dramatic effects. Learning about spirituality is learning about one’s Higher Self, eliminating negative traits, and directing the mind toward cosmic truth. One of the toughest truths to realize is that any faults we see in others belong actually to our frequency and are projected outward by our lower mind. Life is a mirror image. What we see is ourselves, and what we put out returns to us magnified from the mirror of life. In other words, try not to look for others’ falling short of perfection; start within yourself and erase the tendency to entertain faults of any kind in the mind. Look with the eyes of the divine and train yourself to see only good, only God. Look beyond appearances to the perfection of God and the truth. Be determined to look for goodness and God-consciousness within all whom you meet. We mention all these matters here as a backdrop to keep in mind throughout all our psychic development work.