People vary widely in their metaphysical gifts and abilities. Maybe you were born vividly psychic. Or perhaps you have occasional premonitions or lucky guesses. Maybe you have received flashes of inspiration for writing, poetry, music, artwork, inventions, or innovations in your career. Likewise, people’s motivations for developing their psychic side range from mild fascination to a driving interest. Those who were born with the gift of clairvoyance or mediumship often grow up to feel an obligation as well as an interest to develop further and to use these gifts in service to others. Such gifts may run in the family or may have manifested as a result of much practice during previous lives.

There are other reasons to pursue metaphysical development, too. Everyone wants to find guidance in life, and tools for navigating life’s challenges. When we are faced with numerous troubles, sometimes what we call “life” seems like a long rough ride on a bumpy highway, with frequent blind curves. Trying to make sense of things, we seek for answers to the age-old questions: Who am I? What is my purpose? How can I use my time on earth to the best purposes? Many people come to a point in life where they look for spiritual answers.

Most people are seeking ways to find greater peace of mind. Jesus and other spiritual masters emphasize seeking God first, and that all else will be added unto us thereby. Is this not a direct instruction to develop ourselves spiritually?


Psychic Development and Spirituality

You may be thinking, what does spiritual development have to do with psychic awareness? Both, of course, have to do with metaphysics—the understanding of realms that are in general “invisible” from the physical standpoint, and beyond the scope of the five physical senses. The fact is, spiritual development often leads spontaneously to the development of intuitive abilities, and vice versa. Even more important from a spiritual standpoint, the wise use of psychic gifts and skills must be governed by a clean heart that chooses the path of light.

Join me again as we continue the conversation of Self-Development.