Committing to the Spiritual Path

When you open up your heart and mind to develop your intuitive gifts and your spiritual awareness, you make an enormous commitment. As mentioned before, your Higher Self and those in spirit who are connected to you and who guide you and walk along with you take note of your sincere inner commitment, even though you might not realize their presence yet. They will work to bring you the opportunities and situations that will assist you in your growth, with perfect timing, which is enhanced by your trust in divine timing. Once you make this commitment and your intention stems directly from the heart, you most certainly set in motion a chain of events that leads to the unfoldment of your heart’s desire. Once a person makes a conscious decision to step onto the psychic highway of light, he or she usually steps onto it for life.

The path of spirituality can bring enormous enrichment to life, for as you progress along the spiritual path, you will come into contact with many light workers. This takes place through inner work as you naturally begin to attract and connect with those of a similar vibration who will certainly inspire you and strengthen your commitment. This is such a blessing, for light workers are the world’s kind and caring souls, who do spiritual work on a daily basis, sometimes even subconsciously. Light workers have an automatic impulse to reach out and touch others’ lives helpfully, especially those who appear less fortunate. We also use the name “earth angel” for those who bring joy and peace into people’s lives, and you will notice that they seem in general to look happy. In arduous times, most of us have been given the gift of one or more earth angels, either as friends or family members, who have provided us with wonderful help.

The spiritual highway is exciting, and as we progress, we stand to receive many insights and reassurances that illuminate our life path ahead and bless us with confidence. The growth of wisdom is spiritual wealth, and on the spiritual road we are enriched through others who are on a similar path, and we benefit from their individual talents. Working with others who have psychic strengths in areas other than our own, we get the opportunity to develop those strengths in ourselves. Also, during times of trauma or grief, the value of our circle of spiritual friends and regular practice cannot be overstated.

It is thrilling to anticipate the spiritual pathway as a life-changing experience, and that it will truly be a positive, light-filled journey. We frequently bask with gratitude in the wondrous realization of what the spirit world has bought into our lives. Through years of work, travel, and meeting so many wonderful souls, our journey has continuously blessed us with abundant friendships. What could be more satisfying than having such a loving group of family and friends to share life with?

So if you have not done so already, we invite you now to step onto the path of self-development—onto the psychic highway—and make a commitment to developing your intuitive gifts in whatever way possible, and dedicate your use of these gifts to the highest good of all.

Seven Principles of Spiritualism

1) The Fatherhood of God

2) The Brotherhood of Man

3) The continuous existence of the soul

4) Proofs of the communion of spirits and the ministry of angels

5) Personal responsibility

6) Compensation and retribution hereafter for all
good and evil deeds done on earth

7) Eternal progress open to every human soul

—Emma Hardinge Britten, pioneer of modern spiritualism (1823-1899)