Communicating with the Higher Self

A significant step in the process of developing the psychic senses is to become aware of your Higher Self and your spirit guides. Some people feel that the Higher Self communicates to us through the voice of the conscience or the voice of the Holy Spirit—the “still, small voice” within. It is necessary to become quiet and go within to gain the ability to hear the inner voice. This is one of the purposes and benefits of meditation which we will address later on.

Our Higher Self has a greater vantage point than our severely limited physical portion. Some people feel that all psychic information comes from our Higher Self or God Self, while others have definite awareness of spirit guides, such as our loved ones in spirit or those angels or beings who are assigned to work with us and help us. Not only do we have some spirit guides assigned to us, but also we can invite and develop additional spiritual relationships. Certainly, when you are a devoted follower of an avatar, or human embodiment or messenger of God such as Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed, and so on, you are surrendered to their Holy Guidance, which comes to you spiritually and by many signs and means. We will also discuss Spirit guides in greater depth in future blogs.