Discovering Your Psychic Strengths

Intuitive gifts occur in all these ways and more. Some people, when beginning to meditate, will spontaneously see images internally, or in their mind. Others may “see” nothing, but may be able to hear the voice of spirit on the inner level. Someone else may have a special gift of healing hands. These are clues to one’s natural strengths—and we can all, over time, develop our latent abilities to see clairvoyantly, hear clairaudiently, feel clairsentiently, and become channels of healing through the allowing of spiritual awareness to envelope us, condition us, and develop us. Through practice, each intuitive skill can be nurtured, especially those that are our natural strengths.

Just as most people have dominant strengths in the way they learn or acquire new subjects or information, most people also have natural strengths in their intuitive senses. By dominant learning style we are referring to the well-known fact that some people are visual learners, while others have auditory learning styles, wherein it helps them to hear or speak out loud what they are studying. Still others learn best through incorporating physical or kinesthetic activities into the subject at hand. Other examples learning strengths or “natural inner languages” include spatial sensing, musical or rhythmic sensing, logical sensing, strength in social interactions, or a preference of solitary, inner reflection while learning. Intuition and inspiration are often partners, and people who are engaged in creative or so called “right-brained” work such as visual arts, writing, and music may unknowingly already possess some degree of natural preparation for psychic development.

The truth is that most people learn through a combination of natural strengths, and the same applies to your “sixth senses.” As you go within, you will gain exposure to a variety of psychic avenues. You will begin to notice which strengths come forward first. It may be that spirit will attune you first in one form of psychic sensing, and then help you branch out as time goes on and you continue your practice. Developing one gift often pulls other abilities along simultaneously. And remember ~ ‘The Lotus flower blooms most beautifully from the deepest and thickest mud!  Keep watching this space ~ to be continued………..Image