Spirit of Love More Common Than You Think

In today’s society, a notion has become popular that “women are more comfortable than men in displaying their emotions, and are known for their intuitive powers because they are more in touch with their feelings,” and that “men are more analytical in nature.” We believe, however, that this has more to do with social influences than with gender. Despite such sweeping generalizations, we believe that all humans have intuitive abilities built-in as “standard operating equipment.” Though the intuitive equipment may be unused from inexperience or rusty from neglect, it can be brought into healthy functioning through intention and effort. We can cite many common examples of the intuition at work that are universal in nature. No doubt you have heard of successful businesspeople being described as having “a good business head” or “a sharp business sense.” On closer inspection, this may be revealed to be an aspect of their subtle sensing or intuition operating in full force. Likewise, we have met individuals who declared that the minute they set eyes on a certain person, they instinctively knew that this was the person they were going to marry. People often gauge another person’s personality and form an opinion about them in around two seconds. Some people know immediately what the other person is like, simply by the glance of an eye, a handshake, or standing in close proximity to the person. An especially strong familiarity may be due to the reemerging of a connection from a past incarnation. Some people receive spontaneous glimpses of past life experiences soon after meeting up with someone that they have such a soul link with. Here is another very common example. Perhaps you have picked up the telephone to call someone, and the other person is on the other end, without either phone having rung. Or you were thinking about someone, and a few minutes later the person calls you. Or you feel a strong prompt to phone someone, only to find out that they have some important news to share with you. Or perhaps you have e-mailed a person, and they have just finished pushing the send button to you at exactly the same time. Don’t you just love it when that happens! These are all signs of your subtle senses. Jenny had a friend whom she hadn’t seen for years. The friend couldn’t decide whether to keep a clock on her office wall that Jenny had given her some twenty years prior. Just as the friend was about to remove the clock from her wall, Jenny felt a strong urge to fax her. The outcome is that the clock still hangs on the wall, if only as a symbol of their strong connection, which still continues. If you have pets, perhaps you have discovered that calling them in your mind, or sending out a mental image of them coming to their feeding area, can produce just that result. Within a few minutes, they come wandering into the room, just as if you had called them out loud. Have you ever had a feeling come to you a few days in advance of an occurrence? Perhaps you have a fleeting thought that you ought to put your car keys in a safe place, and sure enough, soon thereafter you are in a hurry and end up misplacing your keys. Or you may have an uncomfortable feeling about driving your car or taking a plane trip on a particular day, so you proceed with caution and possibly even avoid traveling that day. Listen to all avenues of information that are available to you as you navigate your way in life. Use your logic and intelligence, your experiences and those of friends, your conscience and moral sense, your spiritual knowledge, and also your intuition and guidance. Have confidence that your Higher Self will show you the way using all these avenues, and remember that listening to your inner guidance is a personal choice. All our choices remain based in free-will, for our spirit guides do not seek to coerce us.