Following Your Prompts

Sometimes we pick up an impression about people we know or are close to, as if they have a need. This does not always mean they are in a crisis; the person may just feel stressed or unwell, as when coming down with a cold or virus. You might pick up these feelings a few days prior to the person becoming unwell; your guides might be giving you a message to be as supportive as you can. A good rule of thumb is that whenever you have spontaneous thoughts about another person, it is a good time to send healing prayers for that person. Prayers can never hurt, and loving thoughts always help!

Experience has led us to believe in the value of following through when you do get strong gut feelings or urges, such as phoning or making contact with friends or family. At times people have a sudden, strong thought of a person but never follow through, and in some instances, they live to regret not listening to their intuitive thoughts. Over time, the validity of such feelings can prove themselves to you, as you keep track of such instances informally.