Seeing a Loved One in Spirit

If you would like to make contact with a loved one or pet in the spirit world, we suggest the following procedure.

First, sit quietly and say a prayer. Play some soft background music that may have been meaningful to a loved one in spirit, and then start to meditate. With your eyes closed, say the name or names of the people you wish to see and communicate with. Invite them to come in closely to you. Tell them that you would love either to receive them in your meditation or in the dream state. Make it quite clear in your mind that they must try and give you proof that it is truly them visiting you. Just as there are impersonators here on earth, so do mischief-makers also reside in the spirit world. Continue to do your prayer work as you further your communication with the spirit world, to raise the vibrations around you. As you begin to notice the energy change within the room, we advise you to continue praying and playing uplifting music. Tell your loved one that you are not afraid, and that you would be happy to see a clairvoyant vision of them. Remember, it is the love vibration—your connection with them—that enables them to draw near to you and bring about this experience. Visualize them as they looked while in the living, and picture them in your mind, just as if you were looking at a color photograph. We cannot emphasize enough the importance of prayers of protection, especially before you go off into the sleep state, and likewise when you awaken. Your protection work places a safety net around yourself and your loved ones.

Now as you start to see your loved one in your mind’s eye, visualize draping one of the rainbow colors around them, and choose one for yourself. See the color as a soft cloak draped around you. Reach out your hand to your loved one and feel his or her warm hand clasping yours. As you gently pull your loved one’s hand toward your body, feel your loved one moving toward you and now embracing you with an overwhelming love.

Start to feel their closeness and even the warmth of their breath near you, and know that you are truly making a connection. As you continue to concentrate on the inner photographic image of your loved one, you may sense the photo becoming animated, with the spirit moving around. Keep practicing this exercise for the best results. Try it during your waking hours and as you drift off to sleep. Invite your loved one to come and visit you while you are in the alpha state of consciousness.