Opening the Third Eye

Clairvoyance operates through the chakra known as your third eye or psychic eye, situated between your eyebrows. We also call this the Christ Center or the seat of concentration. Your psychic eye, as it opens, enables you to see clairvoyantly.

Exercises to Open Your Psychic Eye

Before beginning any of the following exercises, sit quietly in meditation, take a few deep breaths, and set up your grounding and protection visualizations.

Window Cleaning Visualize your third eye in the center of the forehead, as if it needs to be cleaned like a window. Imagine that it is getting a good cleaning. While it may seem dark, cloudy, or dusty at first, imagine that both you and your guides or Higher Self are polishing the window pane from both sides, until it becomes sparkling, crystal clear. Imagine that this holy window shines protectively and radiantly throughout all dimensions with the pure light of heaven and divine wisdom.

Projection Screen Visualize a projection screen at the third eye, as you direct your inner gaze in that direction. Wait for images projected from spirit and seen by you.

Butterfly or Portal Visualize a butterfly opening its wings at your psychic eye, or a beautiful flower, or a diamond-shaped portal opening up.

Crystals or Oils Place a crystal of their choice upon your third eye, or a tiny drop of essential oil. Suggested oils include rosewood, pine, ginger, clove, true melissa, clary sage, lavender, frankincense, sandalwood, or cedarwood; apply a tiny drop with the end of a toothpick (be very careful when using essential oils near the eyes). Hindus traditionally place a bindi dot or a spot of vibuthi (sacred ash) or kumkum (vermilion powder) on their third eye; this symbolizes the opening of spiritual vision. You might try a quartz crystal on the third eye area, especially when you are feeling well and balanced; quartz crystal is a natural amplifier of whatever energy pattern is present. Pre-assess the condition of your mental and emotional energy, to avoid amplifying negativity.

These or similar visualizations or techniques, will communicate to your Higher Self that you desire your psychic eye to be opened and to work as clearly as possible. Try focusing at the psychic eye and using one of the exercises while sitting in meditation or seeking to receive a clairvoyant impression. If you meditate regularly, you may start to feel a strong vibration develop in the third eye area if you meditate as a regular practice; this is a sign of the spiritual eye opening. Strong messages, that is, very clear and accurate images, may start to flow forth once your psychic eye opens.