Using a Psychic On-and-Off Switch

This simple exercise assists you in taking control of your psychic visions, helping you to screen out unwanted impressions from others and elevating your energy levels at the same time. This visualization is appropriate to use when beginning to meditate or when working with your development group. Jenny employs this visualization before working with clients. At the end of a development or spiritual group meeting or session, prior to going out and circulating in public areas, assist the closing of the crown chakra by visualizing the closing of the flower.

Think of a flower, and its color, the first flower that comes into your mind. We often visualize a lotus flower, or any similar flower that is tightly furled with petals shut. To open and close your flower, say a prayer and visualize your flower sitting just above your crown chakra area, in the mid-section at the top of your head. You may also visualize a flower at the center of your forehead, and/or at the solar plexus. When you wish to open your flower or flowers, imagine that you and the flower(s) are being bathed in the first light of dawn on a still calm morning. Visualize a golden light shining upon your flower(s), and see tiny cleansing dew drops sitting on each petal. Now concentrate on your flower(s), and gently allow each petal to open.

You are now open to receiving guidance from those in spirit.

When closing your flower(s), say a prayer and visualize the petals slowly folding inward, overlapping tightly into a bud.  In the bright sunshine of your mind, let any darkness around your crown chakra, third eye, or solar plexus area be dispersed by the brilliant light of the sun, and imagine that as each flower closes it has been sprinkled either with gold or silver dust, which will promote feelings of inner peace and a happy heart. Mentally affirm that you are protected throughout the day, and that you attract only healthy and healing thoughts into your auric field.