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Exercising the Subtle Energy System
When initiating the opening of your subtle senses, it is helpful to learn at least a basic level of information about chakras, such as the crown and “third eye” chakras. Chakras are a function of the subtle energy systems. Of equal importance is setting up spiritual protection. We can discuss chakras and auras and protection in future Blogs. Some people walk around with their chakras, or sensing equipment, partially open. By doing so, they pick up willy-nilly on other people’s mental and emotional patterns and emanations. These vibrations may include thought patterns picked up through your chakras or adhering to your aura that are strong or vehement, raging or dull, filled with monkey-mind chatter or clouded with anger. You may inadvertently and out-of-the-blue pick up images or scenes around another person. You may also pick up on grief, guilt, fear, heavy judgments, negativity, desires, or addictions—as these vibrations enter your sensing field. It’s enough to give you psychic overload if not a headache.
Jenny often hears a psychic person’s mind going chitchat, chitchat. We recommend that you supervise the chitchat in your mind. Some people have difficulty turning their psychic switches on and off, and find it difficult to attain a restful sleep at night. Just as our home, work space, or computers get cluttered, so do our minds. Therefore it is important to do some housekeeping in our minds and clear away any unwanted thoughts or harbored anger, so that there is space for our psychic thoughts to flow positively and freely, when we choose to tune in to them. Keeping harmony, balance, and control is very important; uncontrolled psychic activity can drive some sensitives to distraction, if not to drink. Most psychics desire to lead a normal life, without spirit bombarding them with messages all the time. Unless you are about to do specific psychic work, switch off from the spirit world, so that messages from spirits don’t intrude in your everyday life and deplete your energy. Watch for the next blog as I will give you an exercise for helping you to switch psychic activity on or off and also a grounding exercise to try.